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“Shikyu” is theJapanese word for a womb. “Shikyu-chan” (small womb, “Womby”) was created to remind us how lifebegins, and how life shoulしきゅうちゃん UP.JPGd be, accepting withno questions or barriers. The Shikyu-changently cradles the Earth (“Chikyu” inJapanese language) in arms protecting andnurturing all life within.

Thisis not just a cute toy, but a SelfHelp Item that helps us to calm down andrelax in any stressful situation. The smoothsurface of The Shiku-chan hasbeen chosen as the most natural and comfortablewhen held in the palm of ones hand.

Try to gentlygrip the Shikyu-chan. It could take 30to 60 minutes before holding it no longer feelsforeign and you will be embraced in harmony.

Take A Life As Womb Does

One of the importantfeatures of the human body is itsability to determine what is of the selfand what is ‘foreign’ to it. Yet thebody does not always reject things fromthe outside. The uterus (womb) is theone exceptional organ within the humanbody that does not discriminate betweenthe own and foreign cells. Afertilized egg may be welcomed into theuterine environment regardless of DNA,nationality, race or religion, even whenfertilization is throughsurrogacy. During the course ofdevelopment of a fetus, touch is thefirst sense to be felt. Of all thesenses, the touch is what reminds usthat we are not alone and we do exist onthe earth with other beings.Every human life on the earth is enveloped in the warmembrace of their mother’s womb.

Can we perhaps learn fromthe ways of the womb and apply it in dealingwith conflict? Instead of giving up, ignoring,arguing, or using force, why not try acceptingothers as they are? It is not the same ascompromising or suppressing one’s desires. It’ssimply not to negate the other. When we masterthe art of acceptance a better understanding oflife will begin to take place. We can find thewill to start over, connect, and be at peace bygetting the way of womb sensatio, whan both themother and child been as the one. Everythingstarts from here: Who we Are, How we Are, TheWay we Are.

You are YOU !

You are SPECIAL !!

Acceptyourself and JUST BE AS YOU ARE!



Accept yourself and JUST BE AS YOU ARE !